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Shame on you SLC!

My memory goes back to the time when everybody starts calling murali a chucker. It all started when he emerge as a threat to other cricketing giants. In India, former India cricket captain Bishan Singh Bedi, a leg-spinner himself was one of the first to call murali a chucker, followed by the pair of Ross Emerson and Daryl Hair.

Back then, emerging cricketing talents from Sri Lanka were always susceptible for bashing. Losing to a team like Sri Lanka who were relatively new to the cricketing arena by that time, was considered as a shame to most of the cricketing giants who were playing around for decades if not for centuries. Sri Lanka was a minnow then, nobody could defend our players. If not for legendry captain Arjuna Ranatunga, who was the only force not to succumb in to the pressure, Sri Lanka would still have been a minnow. Now that Sri Lanka has emerged as cricketing powerhouse one should expect situation to be healthy and have a powerful Cricket Board. Sadly though, that hasn’t happened.

Sri Lankan Team was renowned for its spirits. Sanga and Mahela have set standards very high and youngsters were to follow them. Spirits of the game is what makes Sri Lanka along with West Indies most loved teams of the neutral viewers than any others powerhouses. We were not tempered jokers as Indians or Pakistanis. We weren’t sledging the oppositions, we didn’t claim for doubtful and grassed catches. We didn’t bowl underarm deliveries to avoid opposition winning the game.

Yes, you got it right. I am coming to Suraj Randiv. Sure he has done a mistake, against spirit of the game. In every cricketing standard, Randiv was wrong. Randiv should not have done that and he should have apologized from Sehwag for that. Story should have been ended there.

But disastrous was the sequence of actions followed that. SLC went on to apologize from BCCI , Sehwag and Dhoni. On what circumstances SLC officials need to apologize from another cricket board? And convey personal apology to individual players? Sehwag was 99 when randiv’s over started. He had 4 balls to score that hundred, and 5 needed for victory. What if that 4 runs from byes were enough to end the match? Should Sangakkara then apologize from Sehwag for missing (say, deliberately) the ball?

Immediately after the match, Sehwag starts crying like a baby for missed run. He went on to accuse players of other team, which no cricketer is allowed to do so. Players can comment on misconduct of other team member during disciplinary inquiry, not in media. Remember the incident when sehwag himself kicked the ball for four runs to avoid Hashim Amla taking the strike during India – South Africa series? Did BCCI or so called Indian team had any disciplinary action against Sehwag? So, it is fair that Sehwag had a taste of his own medicine.

Recall the incident between New Zealand and Sri Lanka, where murali went on to congratulate Sanga for getting the century and Mcllum had dislodged the bails. It was also not a breach of cricketing laws, same as Randiv incident. But that too was not in the good spirits of the game. Had Mcullum or Vittorri (as the captain) apologized from SLC or Murali for doing that? No. Did New Zealand Cricket head called in Murali to say sorry? How come Sehwag’s one run is more valuable than Murali’s one run? (Which both of them did not get, and we never know they would be able to get or not, had something else happened) How come Sri Lanka Cricket had opened up the issue and exposes the career of blooming youngster for every tom dick and harry of Indian media to bash, while New Zealand Captain was able to close the matter with one hard line sentence protecting his player?

Similarly, had Cricket Australia done any inquiry and suspend Gilchist for Scotch Ball incident during the World Cup finals? Did Cricket Australia suspend Chappell for bowling that under arm ball?

When you commit a mistake at office, your Boss is supposed to cover you from the clients, and later on take the matters on with you. Parents do the same. No matter what, it is their children; they have to protect their own children from outside forces. Once they are safe, u can call them in and explain their mistake, may be give a punishment as well. Do SLC think the same way about their players? Apparently Not.

They should not have exposed Randiv like they did; they should not have banned Randiv in a public announcement saying the world like “See… We have caught the culprit“. Instead they should have called in all of them involved after the series and explain them that “In our Sri Lankan Standards” this should not have happened.

I see this all as falling in to monetarism; a move done to keep BCCI, the strongest and wealthiest outfit of the cricketing arena, happy.

During the Test series India refused to have UDRS system implemented and SLC agreed to that, despite it is the call of the host team to decide about using UDRS. This is clear example of BCCI’s influence on SLC.

Now, if Indian crowd starts booing randiv when he runs in to bowl next time, what would SLC do? In last match Sanga did not need Randiv bowl, or he didn’t want him to bowl. That is probably a good hint of what is happening, because Indians were out there to take revenge from randiv. One player had said that clearly before the match.

At all times Sri Lanka Cricket should be able to protect all national cricketers. Each one of them is an asset to us, if not to SLC. At least they should not put a career of promising youngster on the line for the sake of some dollars from BCCI.

Randiv, we are with you boy… but never ever do those silly stuff.

Shame on you SLC!

Sameera Abeysekara